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Quick & Dirty URL Shortener

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

I’ve been wanting to develop a quick and dirty URL shortener for my own use for quite some time now, but never found the time or focus.

Then, this morning I stumbled across a blog entry by Barrett Lyon, offering a basic, quick and dirty URL shortener. I had it ported over to one of my servers in a matter of minutes, and decided to use one of my shortest domain names,, for my URL shortening.

So, for example, a link like:

can be shortened to something like:

After a few more usability changes, my version of the URL shortener is now live. Of course, the ability to shorten URLs using my implementation of Barrett’s URL shortener is restricted to those who have a password to prevent spammers and malware distributors from using it for nefarious purposes.

If you’re someone trustworthy and personally known to me who wants to use the super special “” domain for shortened URLs, drop me an e-mail and I will give you access to the short URL generator. If you know me well, you’ll even know a better e-mail address for me than (which I only check monthly or so) so that I might get your message more quickly.

And to Barrett: many thanks for posting your URL shortening code solution!