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Will Plug-n-Play Solar Power Be Possible?

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

I live in a very sunny part of the world, where utility costs are outrageously high. While it would be possible to switch over to a blend of solar and wind power entirely, that’s a huge investment – I figure about US$40,000, a decent chunk of which is just setting up all the electrical hardware necessary to feed power generated by panels and turbines into my household electrical system.

Part of such hardware involves getting backup batteries to store the collected power (provided via a DC 12v, 24V, or even 48V system), and then using inverters to convert the DC into regular AC as used by regular household appliances and electrical devices. Based on ones electrical consumption, this may requires some rather huge batteries, chargers, and multiple inverters.

So, when I read CNN Tech’s featured interview with Chad Maglaque of Clarian Power I was very intrigued. What Clarian is promoting is a modular solar panel system with the ability to plug a power cord into a power outlet in your home in order to feed power into your electrical system and thus reduce the use of power purchased from your local utility company.

Their packaged solar panel system includes a micro-inverter and lots of electronics to allow the system to safely feed power into your system. Clarian promotes this as Plug-N-Play Power.

Clarian expects to bring their solar system to the market via home improvement stores sometime in 2011 at extremely reasonable prices (in contrast to what’s available now), for as little as US$600 for around 200 watts of generated power (peak, presumably).

I hope it works out, and that something like that also works on the bizarre power system we have here on Bonaire (127V/50Hz is the norm, although in our house we have 110V/50Hz power).