Best Buy’s New Premier Black Service Already Lacks Quality

I received an e-mail today from Best Buy telling me that I had been welcomed to the “Premier Black” level of the Best Buy Reward Zone program, telling me I was one of Best Buy’s best customers. I was surprised as I had not shopped at Best Buy for some months ( is my go-to place for most gadgets and games these days), but I know I had spent a fair bit at Best Buy over the last year or two, so maybe that counted.

Turns out my surprise was justified. When I clicked on the link to “Locate Your Premier Black Concierge” I ended up at a username/password prompt which obviously did not work properly. And when I clicked on the link to get into the Best Buy Reward Zone Premier site, I found that I was a mere Premier Silver member.

Talk about a tease. The promise was that my Best Buy Premier Black Concierge could help me get out-of-stock items – and I’ve been looking for a third Wii Fit without success (this one’s for my neighbor). Guess I’ll have to try more ordinary routes.

Turns out I’m not the only one to get this bait-and-switch e-mail. Apparently it was mailed out to all of Best Buys Reward Zone members – see Best Buy’s Premier Black Service For All – Oops.

I must say they really blew their roll out of this service. They certainly are not inspiring me with faith in the quality of their Premier service when they make mistakes this massive. What’s next? Accidentally sending out client confidential information? Sheesh.