New Art Inspired By Fiji Trip – Fijian Spotfin Lionfish

If you’ve looked at the post below, you might know that I am traveling around the Pacific with my family at present. We spent the week of November 17-24, 2007 at Castaway Island Resort in Fiji, and during that time I got to do a lot of diving – more than I have on Bonaire in some time.

Fijian Spotfin Lionfish - Original art by Jake Richter

One of the many different (from Bonaire) and new (to me) creatures I found underwater were lionfish. I saw two different species here, one of which was the Fijian Spotfin Lionfish. The colors and textures of the fish were so impressive that I felt inspired to create a new piece of art in honor of that lionfish (see above for what I came up with).

My Fijian Spotfin Lionfish art will be made available later this month as a limited edition print both in our soon-to-be-completed gallery on Bonaire as well as on-line via, in a series of only 25 numbered pieces.

Print number one of those 25 was auctioned off at a fundraiser at the Castaway Resort for FJ$425, with all proceeds going to the Mamanuca Environment Society – an environmental non-profit looking to protect Fiji’s reefs and nature. The Jones family of Singapore, bless their generous hearts, got the top bid.


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    very artistic, i love it