Halo 3 at Midnight? Atmosphere is Underwhelming…

So, the only reason I am here just before midnight, Texas time, at Dallas’ North Park mall is because I leave for home on a flight in just over 8 hours, and there’s no Halo 3 to be found on Bonaire.


There are about 80 other people in line with me and my daughter, and I am pretty sure I am the oldest human here (at 43). It’s all a pretty sedate crowd too.

No one is wearing Master Chief uniforms or looks (much) like an alien.

About half the folks are using some sort of electronic gadget to keep themselves occupied with the tedium of waiting in a non-moving line, myself included since I am typing this post on my phone.

Ah, and now excitement mounts, kind of – we just got the 10 minute warning.

I must say that the last Harry Potter book launch I went to was more fun. At least we had wizards, witches, and Harry Potter clones present.

And there was much more squealing too.

I hope playing Halo 3 will be more fun than waiting to buy it. Wouldn’t be hard. At least I know a little of what to expect, as I got a private demo of Halo 3 from Bungie back at E3 in July, and played the multiplayer Beta…

Update – 2007-09-25 @ 1:10AM: The line processed quickly and we were out the door with a couple of copies of the regular Halo 3 at ten past midnight. Glad we didn’t manage to pre-order the Legendary Edition – it would not have fit in our carry-on luggage.