Travel News: American Express Platinum or Centurion & Admiral’s Club

I was in line to check in at the American Airlines Admiral’s Club in San Juan’s airport this morning, when I happened to overhear something about a “new program” being discussed with the passenger in front of me. Being naturally curious, I asked for details, and learned that as of this morning, anyone with a valid same-day ticket on American Airlines, and in possession of either an American Express Platinum or Centurion (“the Black Card”) can gain free admission to the Admiral’s Club.

This parallels similar club access already offered to higher level AMEX card holders for Continental, Delta, and Northwest airport clubs.

Kudos to AMEX and AA for working this one out (although I already have my lifetime Admiral’s Club membership, so it doesn’t do me much good). Unfortunately, the new relationship between AA and AMEX does not extend to transferring Membership Reward points into the AAdvantage frequent flyer program.

In any event, as an AMEX card holder, I was surprised to learn about this by accident, so I called AMEX customer service and was told they themselves were only notified of the new benefit last night, and that AMEX is planning on sending a letter to Platinum and Centurion card members later this month, and then doing a major public roll-out in October. Talk about a soft opening. Kind of like doing previews on Broadway, I guess.

More information on this new AMEX card member benefit is located here (courtesy of the Dallas Morning News).