The Perfect Alarm Clock For Teenagers

My daughter is only a couple months shy of her 12th birthday, but already exhibits the sleeping habits of many teenagers. She ignores her normal alarm clock, cannot wake up easily, and sleeps through most anything, including her parents’ cajoling. Until now.


The folks at Hammacher Schlemmer are selling something they call the Flying Alarm Clock (pictured above). This $39.95 clock offers a rather unique feature – a rotor which is launched into the air when the alarm goes off, and which needs to be retrieved and reinserted into the clock to shut off the police siren-like klaxon sound emitted by the alarm clock.

And boy does it work. Our resident sleepyhead pops right out of bed when this baby is set off, alert and awake (and you’d know why if you heard the alarm – it’s loud and nasty, but oh so effective). She’s not happy at being awake or alert, but her adrenaline levels are high enough from hunting for the missing rotor while the alarm is blaring to prevent her from going back to sleep easily. Mission accomplished.

The only problem we have encountered so far is that a necessary part of the rotor separated from the rotor this morning (we had not snapped it in tight enough during assembly, apparently), and was temporarily lost, preventing us from shutting off the klaxon sound. We managed to use a pen to shut off the alarm in the interim (the only other option being unscrewing the bottom to remove the batteries). The missing piece was later discovered in a nearby laundry hamper.

In any case, I give the Hammacher Schlemmer Flying Alarm Clock a 9.0 out of a possible 10.0 on The Richter Scale. It is a perfect present to torture the sleepyhead in your family.