Nikon D200

As I wrote sometime back, I have a Nikon D2x camera that I absolutely adore. It’s very responsive, does great in low light conditions, has extremely fast focusing, and just a delight to work with. However, when traveling on business instead of a photo shoot, it’s awfully bulky.

So when Nikon announced the new D200 a couple of months ago, I was thinking this might be my high end travel camera. I was in New York City on business a few weeks ago, and after much hunting located a D200 kit in stock at Adorama on West 18th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue (if you go there tell Efraim I sent you). I had also on a previous day purchased a Nikon f/2.8 14mm rectilinear fish eye lens from B&H Photo and Video, although with the smaller sensor of a digital SLR like the D200 or D2x it just becomes a rectilinear 21mm wide angle lens (in 35mm film equivalents). 

Below is a test shot I took at the corner of Broadway and West 45th Street late at night.


As the above image shows, the camera does brilliantly in low-light conditions – no discernable noise. Mind you, one of my favorite types of photography is natural light and low light, capturing motion as a blur, with static elements in focus.

The D200, while coming in with only about 10 megapixels vs. the D2x’s 12 megapixels of resolution, also weighs in quite a bit less, and most importantly (at least for the reason I bought it), it’s about 30% smaller than the D2x, which makes a world of difference to someone like myself who cannot pack lightly no matter what.

I plan on putting the camera through its paces in the coming two and a half weeks while on vacation all over the place, but so far I’m pretty impressed with it. The D2x will still be my major workhorse on professional shoots, but the D200 is an excellent back-up (and in some cases primary) camera.