CES Day 0 – The Nethrone

Adventurous marketing companies are always trying to make the perfect, ergonomic computing environment, but I have yet to see anyone come up with an ideal solution. And the latest entry I saw at CES Unveiled was no exception.

This is the patented Nethrone, from EMA Innovation.

According to EMA, the Nethrone “is the latest advancement in high-tech digital entertainment centers engineered with comfort & style in mind” and the company claims its design is the result of keeping up with user’s demands and is therefore supposed to be perfect for serious work and intense play.

However, the Nethrone looks pretty uncomfortable (and when I asked to sit in the demo unit, I was told that it would not be possible as the unit was a prototype and still fragile), and the effort the EMA employee pictured above had to go through to get in and out was not insignificant. The specifications I picked up also indicate the unit weighs 132 pounds (without a computer or monitor), and the maximum weight capacity is 200 pounds. That rules out many of my fellow couch potatoes and myself (presently weighing in at 202 pounds).

The real kicker is the price tag – a mere $2495.00, scheduled to be available in March 2005. I hope they haven’t scheduled a large production run.