Catching Up From CES

Due to being Mom-Dad this week while my wife is up in frigid New Hampshire, and more e-mails than flamingos here on Bonaire to weed through (the flamingo population here on Bonaire ranges from a few thousand to somewhere around 15,000), it’s taken me almost two weeks to get my office and to-do stack sorted out post-CES. I now have a pile of CES things I want to comment and report on here in my blog (beyond any editorializing I do in my writing for Jon Peddie’s TechWatch).

Two weeks does give one a chance to ruminate and reminisce, and thinking about why CES is such an interesting show to attend each year (other than because of work), I’ve come up with a rather simple answer: It’s the place I get to create my wish list for big kid (i.e. 40-something year old kids like myself) toys for the coming year.

With that in mind, I’ve started a new category in my blog, where products and technologies I write about will also be tagged as “Wish List” items when they are ones I plan on procuring in the coming year.

I hope to also add unprocured wish list items to a “Wish List” roll in the Left Side menu of my blog in case any of you are wondering what toys I’m still waiting to have ship and be available.

Right now, the Kodak V570 camera and the Sony Reader are my first two wishlist items. More forthcoming in the next day or two.