CES Day 0 – Kodak V570 Camera

In addition to a State of the Consumer Electronics Industry address on Day 0 of CES, there was a special press receptions to show dozens of products which the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) had dubbed as innovative through their rather subjective CES Awards process, which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

The event was called CES Unveiled, and while I find the qualification process for the CES Awards to be completely lacking in objectivity, it does not diminish the fact that there were definitely some gems to be found at the Unveiled event.

One such gem was the forthcoming Kodak V570 digital still camera (pictured below).


A common problem which bugs many photographers (myself included) using point and shoot digital cameras is the lack of a decent wide angle capture mode (at least without resorting to often painful multiple image stitching). The cameras that have a reasonable wide angle field of view lack decent zoom ability, and lenses which try to combine both wide angle and zoom are downright lousy because the optical requirements of wide angle vs. zoom are different enough that one lens can’t satisfy both needs well.

The Kodak V570 solves this problem by offering two lenses in the same camera. The first is a wide angle 23mm (in 35mm equivalent) fixed lens, and the other is a telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom. The LCD viewfinder switches seamlessly between the two lenses based on user zoom input.

The new Kodak V570 also has a rather advanced panoramic stitching mode which was demonstrated to me. It uses an onion-skinning type of overlay to show you where you need to take the next picture in a panorama, and then figuers out where all the proper merge points are and creates a reasonable seamless pano image as a result.

The Kodak V570 will ship at the end of January.

This camera is on my wish list, and once I get my hands on one, I will give a first hand review.