CES 2006 – DECT?

One of the biggest problems I see with press releases and press invitations is that the writer of said missives often presumes the recipient understands obscure acronyms and terminology. Maybe that’s fine when you personally know your target audience, but when you blast out a message to hundreds of media with a broad range of non-overlapping interests it’s plain foolish.

Case in point. An invitation to a press conference at CES 2006 I received yesterday stated

The DECT Forum, the international industry association embracing suppliers and operators of DECT based terminals, announces the availability of DECT6.0 – Interference Free Communication in the United States.

Searching further in the invitation for what “DECT” and “DECT based terminals” might mean, I found this nugget

The DECT Forum is the industry association with global reach, embracing suppliers and operators of DECT based terminals, systems, and networks. The DECT Forum represents the interests of the DECT industry and is located in Bern, Switzerland. Full members of the DECT Forum are currently: Ascom Tateco, Binatone, DSP Group, Infineon, Kirk, Panasonic, Philips, RTX, Siemens, SunCorp and Avaya-Tenovis.

Based on the list of members, I kind of got the sense that “DECT” had something to do with telephones. Nowhere else in the message was there any description or definition of what “DECT” meant. Fortunately the person sending the e-mail included a web link to http://www.dect.org, where, in the second paragraph, I learned that:

DECT stands for “Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications” and denotes a radio technology suited for voice data and networking applications with range requirements up to a few 100 m.

Gee. I guess that should have just been obvious. Although, I must admit the obtuse e-mail did actually get me to click on the link, but I feel cheated nonetheless, and as this is not a key technology area I’m following anyway, off the invitation goes into the “Not Interesting” box.