CES 2006 – The Consumer Electronics Show

Every January, hordes of technophiles swarm to Las Vegas to see the latest consumer electronics – this has been going on for longer than I can remember. My first CES was sometime in the early 1990s, and I went a few time. I went last year as well to do some research for a client, as well as get my feet wet with respect to being a regular journalist once again.

In a couple of weeks I head back out to Vegas and CES 2006 to cover the show for Jon Peddie’s TechWatch and my blog (The Richter Scale).

Being a registered media attendee has some benefits and some drawbacks. The benefits include free attendance, invitations to all sorts of interesting parties and shindigs, and the fact that no matter how boring you look, people in booths on the floor want to talk to you in the hopes of getting some “free ink” (in regular language “get written up via free editorial coverage”). The drawbacks are that you get inundated with e-mail requests to set up meetings and interviews with people offering every possible product under the sun regardless of whether the products being offered are of interest to you (in the hopes of getting some “free ink”, of course), and no matter how bored you look, people in booths on the floor want to talk to you in the hopes of getting some “free ink”.

I’ve held off committing to any interviews so far mainly because I’ve not been organized enough to figure out what my schedule will be during the show. I’ve started doing that now, and find I have over 180 meeting requests to parse through. These are being sorted into “Not Interesting”, “Possibly Interesting” and “Definitely Interesting” categories. “Not Interesting” is winning, but I see a few potential gems in the “Definitely Interesting” pile which I will share here in my blog in the coming days.