Xbox 360 – Xbox Live Deathmatches

I’ll admit right off that my on-line gaming experience on consoles is limited, mostly by choice. Most of the on-line gaming I’ve done has been on the PC (with City of Heroes/City of Villains being particular favorites). I tend to like cooperative play more than things like death matches, and I prefer typing my communications to my team members instead of speaking them (since my experience in voice-enabled console gaming is that many players are pretty crude, never mind I hate having to listen to people coughing, snuffling, and snorting among other things).

However, yesterday I found myself up at 4am for some reason, so after playing a bit of Perfect Dark Zero in solo mission mode, I decided to check out Xbox Live play with that game.

I should point out that I spent a couple of hours a couple of weeks ago doing Call of Duty 2 deathmatch play on the Xbox 360 and found the experience to be pretty horrible when more than 3 or 4 people were in the match. Performance got worse than sluggish and my character’s position kept resetting.

The PDZ Xbox Live deathmatch experience was MUCH better than that in Call of Duty 2, although it took numerous tries to get connected to a game in progress because I kept getting the commonplace “You Have Lost Connection to Match” error message. At one point there were about 18 of us playing a team deatchmatch game. Responsiveness was great, even on my relatively slow connection here on Bonaire.

I even got my headset out. Found that the Brits playing the game were a lot more likely to actually use the headset as a way to coordinate game play. But most people appeared not to use their headsets at all. It did make the game more interesting when the headset was used properly, but things deteriorated when the “cougher” came on-line.

If anyone’s up for some on-line play when I’m on, my gamertag on the Xbox 360 is “BonaireGamer”.