Le Flamboyant – Continental Cuisine on Bonaire

Last night, my wife and I had occasion to enjoy a meal at Le Flamboyant – one of our favorite restaurants here on the island of Bonaire. We had not eaten there in many months due to my extensive travels off-island.

At Le Flamboyant one can dine indoors or outdoors in a secluded courtyard. As we seemed to be rain free for the night, we opted to enjoy the open air. Mosquitos (due to our recent rains) were definitely present, but we wore long pants and sock and that thwarted most of them.

We found the menu had changed completely since our last visit, but still with many tantalizing items to choose from, and with a decidedly French flair.  The owners and operators or Le Flamboyant are Govert Strootman and Veronique Badet. Govert is a Dutchman, and Veronique is French, which certainly explains the French influence on the menu.

As we were heading to a friend’s engagement party later that night, we opted to eat lightly – no multiple courses, although it still felt like we had a lot of food. We started with a glass each of a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc (Santa Rita) – inexpensive, but tasty and crisp.

Linda, my wife, opted for the Penne Flamboyant – a tasty pasta dish with chicken and mushrooms, while I selected a salad and soup as my meal.

The tomato soup I ordered was garnished with fresh basil and whipped seasoned butter, and was perfect. Rich without being overbearing, and very flavorful without being overly spiced or salted.

My salad was the Scallop and Parma Ham salad, and featured six small scallops tastefully arranged around a small green salad topped with crispy parma ham – almost like bacon but not so greasy. The scallops were exquisite, and the saltiness of the parma ham provided a nice counterpoint – in flavor and texture. The lettuce and vegetables in the salad provided balance between the scallops and ham.

We did splurge (stomach-wise) for the Petit Grand Dessert to finish the meal with (we did share it though). The Petit Grand Dessert featured a taste of every dessert on the menu, in miniature. There was a scoop of mango sorbet, a sliver of a rich chocolate cake, a piece of cheese cake, and some other chocolate-oriented dessert I could not expressly identify other than to say that it, and the other samples, were gone in a couple of minutes, accompanied by lots of Mmmms! and Aahhhs!

Without tip, the bill ran to approximately US$40.00. Well worth it.

On The Richter Scale, I give Le Flamboyant a 9.0 out of 10.0, and will add that it remains one of our favorites here on Bonaire. We were definitely not let down.

I would like to mention that Le Flamboyant also sports a cute gift shop inside the large interior space with all sorts of ecletic items, including hand made purses, fresh grind spices and seasonings, art work, and a variety of other unique items. So, in addition to a great meal, you can also do a bit of souvenir or gift shopping there.

Le Flamboyant is located at Kaya Grandi 12 – right in the heart of Kralendijk. Phone +599-7 17-3919.