Time for a Digital SLR Camera?

I think I’ve gotten to the point where I want to step up to a digital SLR camera.

My conundrum is this – I have nearly a dozen lenses with a Nikon mount (mostly AF-D lenses) with a fair number of those being wide angle. Nikon doesn’t make a full frame sensor, which means my wide angle lenses (using the 1.5x multiplier for Nikon Digital SLR’s sensors) become non-wideangle.

So, if any of you are knowledgeable about Digital SLRs, here are my questions:

1) Does anyone make an optical converter from Nikon’s AF-D lenses to fill the frame of the new Nikon Digital SLRs?

2) Is there any reason to get a Nikon D100 over a D70? (I’m not ready to spend $5K on a Nikon D2x yet, but do like the 12MP resolution – the 6MP res of the Nikon SLRs seems a bit low, especially in contrast to my Sony F828’s 8MP)

3) Has anyone tried and gotten good results with a Canon full frame sensor and a Nikon->Canon mount converter?

4) Any idea if Nikon’s regular or Canon’s full frame sensors are better that one another, and if so, why?

5) What about Nikon vs. Canon digital SLR cameras in general? And if Canon is better, any model recommendations?

If anyone knows of another place where this all has been answered, please let me know!


One Response to “Time for a Digital SLR Camera?”

  1. Jake Richter says:


    Thanks for your comments. I came to similar conclusions last week, and am now the proud owner of a new Nikon D2x DSLR. (I wasn’t ready to downgrade from the current 8MP I have been shooting to 6MP with a D70s.)

    Also got a couple of wide angle DX lenses for it, and the initial results look good.