E3 – Rude Tonz

Wandering the depths of Kentia Hall at E3 last week, I came across a variety of odd products. Perhaps the most amusing while at the same time disturbing was Rude Tonz.

Rude Tonz are downloadable ring tones for one’s mobile phone. We’re all used to being serenaded by obnoxious melodies, alarms, whistles, vocals, and more when a nearby phone rings, but Rude Tonz escalate that to a whole new level.

The makers of Rude Tonz, Bonus Mobile, have come up with a descriptive tag line: “Ringtones Guaranteed to Offend” Living up to such a high standard, Rude Tonz consist of burps, fats, laughs, sneezes, gagging, and comic routines “from a wide range of stand-up comedy acts featured on the Comedy Time network”.

Looking at their web site, where you can sample these auditory delights, are ring tone names like “Dirty Fart”, “Gagging”, “Deep Burp”, and dozens more like these.

As a person who almost always keeps his phone on silent/vibrate mode, I don’t quite get the statement that folks seem to want to make with personalized ring tones. Unlike when a cell phone rings somewhere in a room or restaurant and a dozen people nearby clutch their cell phones to see if it was theirs (even if they personalized the ring, since one apparently nevers knows if the phone’s reverted back to its original ring I guess), I know when my phone rings because it can feel it on waist – or if I miss the call, at least I’m not bothering others with a song no one wants to hear.

That said, it might be fun to abscond with someone’s phone, download a Rude Tonz ring tone onto it, and return the phone without the owner knowing, and then calling them… Of course, this would only work once or twice (and cost the owner of the phone or you $1.99 for the pleasure of embarrassing them).