Recap – E3 PS3 & Xbox 360 Events

Quite an interesting day today attending both the PS3 unveiling at Sony Pictures Studios and the Xbox 360 Kick Off.

Key Announcements of things I hadn’t heard before today:

Sony PS3

– Sony will launch the PS3 at E3 in May 2006

– All major game developers appear to be on board, no exclusives announced (although it’s presumed that Sony’s own games will work only on Sony platforms)

– The PSP will be able to be used as a remote control for the PS3, and the PS3 is intended to be the center of the living room, as a media center

– Up to seven wireless controllers, connected via Bluetooth.

– Will support up to two, count ‘em – two! – HD displays simultaneously for a 32:9 aspect ratio, 4K by 1K pixel display. Wow.

Xbox 360

– Will offer backward compatibility with with the leading Xbox games. This implies that not all original Xbox console games are guaranteed to work. As I stated below, this is not particularly surprising, as the Xbox 360 hardware is radically different from the original Xbox, and thus Microsoft has to run in “Xbox emulation mode”. Ill behaved games will break the emulation.

– Still apparently, for an “HD Era” device, will apparently not feature an HD or Bluray DVD drive.

– Will offer support and integration with a variety of media devices, and an image shown by J Allard at the briefing also showed the Apple iPod as one of the supported devices, and a Sony PSP as another – wow! (if they can pull it off without Apple or Sony getting all ballastic on them)

– Will ship in time for Christmas 2005 sales, with 25-40 titles available then

– Has convinced Square Enix, previously a staunch Sony supporter (although recently also Nintento Gameboy too), to support the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live! with a forthcoming release of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI.

– A number of exclusive titles – including Activision’s Call of Duty 2 and EPIC’s Gears of War

Live pictures via Cell Phone cam can be seen below.

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  1. FFxi Gil says:

    Wow! that’s quite interesting, how about the price of Xbox 360, will it be too high, say $400 abouve? It is a important secton